About Anthea McGibbon, past present and…

About Anthea McGibbon, past present and…

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Anthea McGibbon combines her skills, experiences and expertise to present this media website and to engage in consultations, career talks, motivational speaking, workshops for children and adults. ‘I am qualified and experienced in journalism, research, the arts, paralegal. My skills and experience include creative writing, the arts, art critique, paralegal, photography, teaching, children entertainment, modelling, spanish, event and tour planning and more, and yes, I paint.’

BORN NOVEMBER 10, in the garden parish St. Ann, in Jamaica, W.I., Anthea D.A. McGibbon has worked as a feature co-ordinator, desk supervisor, subeditor, photographer, feature writer, art critic, graphic designer and more at the Caribbean’s leading newspaper – The Jamaica Gleaner. She was employed full time for 14 years, and part time she did technical work on the Gleaner’s online version as well.


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Hailing from a combined family of educators and academic professionals, has been strongly influential on Anthea McGibbon’s career paths as well as her character. In her maternal family where she was raised, everyone but her had real talent in singing until her adulthood. Her own mother is a trained and sought out caterer, and her brother basically masters any instrument given, and he himself along with his wife are literally sought out as a singing couple. She however stands out among them as an artist and along with her youngest maternal uncle, as a writer.

What’s equally influential is the inherited trait of being involved with children, their welfare and development – characteristics of her maternal grandmother, mother and aunts she could not escape.
Among her other influences were the Apostolic Church of Jamaica members who were close knit and offered her opportunity to be trained and operate as a teacher, and to start her first art club.

Despite the fact that very few persons were convinced of art as a career path for Anthea McGibbon, she nonetheless strived against all odds and succeeded as an artist. She evidently inherited this skill from her paternal family with members who are visual artists, some astute lawyers.

She remembers the days when lights were turned off while doing her homework, for a critique, by an aunt who felt she was wasting electricity on a nonsensical career for example. However she remained encouraged by those who offered her little paying art jobs to earn her way through Art School. This and similar challenging experiences she shared with other artists who like her camped out on campus to see their goals realised, made her even more focused to represent artists someday.

An attorney who could not afford to complete payment for some of her art designs started her journey as a paralegal when he paid for her studies.

She has already completed paralegal studies, and hopes to complete legal studies someday. For now she combines all her creative exposure, experiences, training in being an arts and communications consultant, legal legworker, while herself still actively producing ARTwork and writings.

She also founded OAaSIS International Foundation to network members and supporting members of the creative force in assisting with the development of the creative mind of today’s youth, esp in Jamaica.

Further she offers full ARTful entertainment for children and workshops, a service she feels needs more development in Jamaica as a good tool in introducing children properly to the arts, while educating adults shy of the Arts.
She owns over 30 years experience as an artist in several areas, at least 10 of which is influenced by her training at the Edna Manley Visual College and other short art courses and internships.
She also has qualified experience in journalism and other areas of the arts such as modelling, choreography, following elective courses at the Edna Manley College (former Jamaica School of Art).

Born November 10, in the garden parish St. Ann, in Jamaica, W.I., her name ‘Anthea’ means flower, and, she strives to bloom in whatever area she is planted.
The VPAJ in her opinion is a critical tool in bringing its members individually and collectively to the apex of international fame – she does her part with support services. On the other hand, she is grateful it exists for artists like herself.




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