Angela Stribling joins OAaSIS Super Arts Day, Florida

Angela Stribling joins OAaSIS Super Arts Day, Florida

Collaborating with Pickney International, Gallery Art, Diaspora and more to be listed, the OAaSIS International Foundation makes its first visit to the USA, catering to youth living in America for a Super Arts Day. In highlighting both cultures and artists from different genres, the OAaSIS network has been strengthened to empower the creative mind of youth and those affecting them. Angela Stribling photo link

US native Angela Stribling, a Jazz and R&B singer who was previously a BET on JAZZ “Screen Scene” host will be among the featured artists as she joins to strengthen the quest, a shared passion for empowering others across the US. READ MORE on Angela Stribling “Uncrowned Queen”
Ken Hendel, owner of Gallery Art is responsible for making the Florida series, on July 31, titled

Pillow Talk with Angela Stribling

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