Art Career Library: Visual Art Careers

The list of visual art careers includes group fields such as journalism, writing, photography, painting, advertising careers

Here are a few careers from the list of visual art careers.

3-D Renderer – Designer
Advertising Account Executive
Advertising Careers
Apparel Design Major
Art Advocate
Art and Design Workers
Art Careers
Art Consultant
Art Critic
Art Directors
Art Historians
Art History
Art History Careers
Art Librarian
Arts Managers
Art Teachers
Art Therapist
Artisans and Craftspeople
Artist Career Profiler
Artist-Scientest Portrait
Artists and Related Workers
Arts Administrator
Arts and Communications Careers
Arts and Humanities Careers
Arts Career Cluster
Arts and Entertainment Careers
Arts, Design and Crafts
Art Restorer
Broadcast Media Careers
Cake Decorators
Careers in Arts for People with Disabilities
Careers in the Arts
Comic Book Artist
Commercial and Industrial Designers
Commercial Artists – PDF
Commercial Artist
Computer and ICT Careers
Costume Designer
Craft Artist
Creative Designer Arts
Design Careers
Faux Finish
Drafting Technicians
Entrepreneur – Start Your Own Business
Exhibit Designers – ONET
Exhibition Designer
Fashion and Textile Design
Fashion Designer
Fashion Merchandising
Faux Finish
Fine Artists
Floral Designer
Footwear Designer
Forensic Science Artist
Gallery curator
Glass Blowers
Graphic Design Careers
Graphic Designers
Graphic Designers and Illustrators
Illustrator’s Career Guidance
Industrial Design Careers
Industrial Designer
Interactive Media Careers
Interior Design Career
Interior Designers
Jewelry Crafter
Landscaping Careers
Legal Representation
Makeup Artist
Medical Illustrator
My Heroes – Artists
Multimedia Artists
Museum Curator
Museum Officer
Museum Technicians
Online Gallery
Ornamental Blacksmith
Painters and Illustrators
Painter and Sculptor
Painters and Illustrators – ONET
Painting Related Careers
Performing Arts Careers
Photographic Retouchers
Photography and Film Careers
Picture Framer
Potter Ceramist
Print Finishing Artist
Printing Careers
Public Relations Specialist
Screen Printer
Set and Exhibit Designers
Set Designers – ONET
Sketch Artist – Court
Sketch Artist – ONET
Stone Cutters and Carvers
Storyboard Artist
Studio Art Careers
Subcontractor (Website designer)
Tattoo Designer
Theater Exhibit Designers
Toy Designer
Visual Artists
Web Designers and New Media

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