ART CRITICISM: Interpretation of why did the artist create the artwork

So now that you have described the artwork for even a blind person to know what it looks like, you should have taken your time to analyze it to see how it was created.

The next step is INTERPRETATION before we give our judgement.

Here are some artwork and guiding questions follow

Time to determine and understand WHY the artist really did the work. Students should be led through three main stages>

1. What is the main idea. Discuss what the work means. Whats the message being sent, or being received.

2. In one sentence, can students express what they think the work is all about.

3. Then allow them to discuss what is the evidence in the artwork that makes brings one to the conclusion of what the artist was trying to communicate.

Art Criticism and Formal Anaylsis here

Terry’s Principles of Interpretation link up

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