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ART CAREER: Building your own website, then for others

Although you may not be an expert website designer, or developer, there is opportunity for you, once creative to be the extended arm of a website developer. You can create website for others.
Especially as the budgetary constraints have forced persons to go scurrying for a low end website to market themselves online.


Photography is definitely not just about pointing and shooting, that is, if you move beyond experimenting with the features of the camera.
Photography in its truest sense is really painting with light, with your camera as your paintbrush, and the film, as your canvas, when likened to a painter.

Editorial: Travel Jamaican

For any tourist with this dream, many channels are being created making it easier to “travel Jamaican” when in Jamaica. The best possible tool of course being to research the area as much as one can before or during travel plans.

ART CAREER: Art critic

The art critic is one of the most sought after persons in this creative field. For one, its always good to have someone to bounce your ideas on. On the other hand, critics sometimes reflect the views of the public or potential client.