OAaSIS International on Television Jamaica February 16

Smile Jamaica hosts OAaSIS International Foundation, Derrick Wilks, a director; Kandi-Lee Crooks-Smith, principal of Allman Town.
February 16 was the day OAaSIS International Foundation went on Television for the first time. Before that its founder had been interviewed on radio stations in Florida (Rich Davis), New York (David “Squeeze” Annakie).


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This interview surprised many as they realised that art and music are not being taught officially in a great number of schools especially public schools.
According to the founder, even where these subjects are been taught, it has been at A VERY basic level. Thankfully they are however being taught. The efforts of the Foundation are not to replace any exisiting instution or teacher of any area of the creative industry. It however seeks to empower the creative mind of today’s youth, thus assisting in their development to succeed better in all areas, with a renewed understanding of the critical role and impact of the arts, culture and being creative.

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Jamaica’s OAaSIS International Foundation launches creative workshop series
DAY 1: Jamaican artistes, artists ignite young minds
DAY 2: New creative depth for students through creative series
DAY 3: Colonel Derby, Peter Lloyd, artists time out for children
DAY 4: Creative connections at Allman Town Primary
DAY 5: Workshop stirs creative power at Allman Town Primary
DAY SIX(6): Creative workshop series end with Solid performances
DAY 6: Starry end to inaugural OAaSIS Fdn’s creative workshop series
DAY 6: Allman Town Primary thanks over 30 artists, artistes for creative workshop series
Allman Town teacher reports on OAaSIS creative series

JAMAICA STAR: Sophia Brown heads to Allman Town Primary
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Creative workshop series end with Solid performances

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