Blessed by Noni – it cures, soothes, restores

It is a true blessing be able to pick Noni, just when you need one. Sadly too little Jamaicans understand its potency like in disease treatment

It is a true blessing to live on an island and be able to pick Noni, just when you need one. Sadly too little Jamaicans understand its potency.
It has been used in the treatment of diseases, its high in Vitamin C among other things as some men will attest.

Here are some proven medicinal facts about the God-blessed Noni:
Noni hs been used to cure diabetes, or make symptoms disappear
Noni has an impressive array of terpene compounds, three of which-L. Asperuloside, aucubin, and glucose-have been identified by their actyl derivatives
Noni leaves are used to treat external inflammations and relieve pain
Noni bark has strong astringent properties and can treat malaria
Noni root extracts lower blood pressure
Noni flower essences relieve eye inflammations
Noni fruit has a number of medicinal actions
The AMAZING NONI has been used in the treatment of diabetes, ulcers, heart disease, high blood pressure as well as kidney and bladder disorders according to 1cureskincancer website

Here’s one way to prepare Noni and not worry about it’s smell. Blend it already. When you do it looks like milk and froth forms and floats to the top. You may want to blend it with ice and other fruits such as blackberries, or rasberries just for more potency, flavour or just to pop style. Whatever have fun on your way to long health.
While in Jamaica, visit Trench Town Culture Yard, and get a freshly-made cup from Starliner or Stoneman.

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