‘Brotha George’ to release new Heaven Bound album

‘Brotha George’ to release new Heaven Bound album

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George Wright, more popularly known as “Brotha George” will release his fourth (4) album titled “Heaven Bound”. This album is of Paramount importance because a whopping 90% of the album has been produced by “Brotha George” himself. Brotha George has been a Gospel Artiste for over 4 years and has received numerous awards for his contribution to the gospel music industry. He has even been nominated for 4 gospel awards in different categories in the Caribbean Gospel Music Awards to be held in Atlanta, Georgia.

Brotha George is a maverick within the Gospel Music world. He has 4 albums to his credit, the latest are: “My soul is in your hands” with the break out hit ,”Give me strength” co-produced by Brotha George and Dennis Salmon: Rescue Me, co-produced by Sidney Mills and Brotha George: Worship with Christ , co produced by Brotha George and Sidney Mills with songs such as “Hear my plea”.

Listeners are now taking notice and are anxiously awaiting the release of “Heaven Bound” as it sets the tone for music established at the onset of his career. “Give me Strength” has dominated the charts and is a top request among listeners. Brotha George had been a Reggae Artist for over two decades with having hit songs such as , “You are the one I love” “Settle Bad Boy” and “Secret Admire” which coincidentally was his first written song. George is no stranger to the performing scene, he has travelled and toured Europe extensively including countries such as Holland, England, France, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland along with Canada, Australia ,Japan and throughout the United States. Now George has given his life to Christ and ministering to people and winning souls.

Brotha George music can be found on iTunes and also amazon.com. His website address is www.Brothageorge.com with email address georgewright1237@aol.com and contact # for bookings @ 347-338-9237.

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