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Everybody wants success. There are numerous instructions. Below is anarticle on the Feng Shui way to success.

Its not unusual to see persons of the ‘Western world’ looking to the Chinese for advice. This is true even of Christians, simply because Chinese are seen as successful and very connecting to the spiritual world.
Superstitious or not, Chinese Feng Shui practices are useful especially within one’s home to attract and maintain peace, success in one’s life. It really doesn’t matter if you are a common man or a real estate builder. Feng-shui is a widely accepted ancient science thought to be full of philosophy and practical wisdom. Positive energy of Feng Shui is maintained in clean space, fresh air, plenty of good light, and happy, meaningful energy, décor that empowers oneself.

According to the article ‘Developers ignore Feng Shui at their peril’ at, acknowledging and understanding life energy (Chi – breath of life), can affect the wholeness of one’s well-being. Basic principles like furniture placement, colour usage, and conflicts of elements (e.g positioning one’s ‘refrigerator’ beside the ‘stove’), can lead to negativity.
A Chinese elder (xiansheng) considers four factors:
a. the Chi or “breath of life” potential of the neighborhood;
b. the site orientation or the direction in which the building faces;
c. the five elements -fire, water, wood, metal, earth – and their mutual influence upon a location;
d. the significance of the power of water to the property.
Location is important as you can attract negative energy. Here are a few pointers, based on Feng Shui, when looking for the ideal house to establish your ideal home, whether temporary or permanent. The article above is also used in reference.

1. Avoid having a straight road leading directly to the home. If human traffic is heavy with people coming and going, it will dissipate the good influences.
2. Avoid living near a railroad
3. Avoid houses with sloped backyards
3. Avoid building at the junction of a T-street or at the end of a cul-de-sac. A dead-end street traps bad Sha.
4. To have either the right side low or the left side high is not good. The hills to the left should be higher than those to the right.
6. Avoid building on triangular plots of land. These are ill-omened as the strange shape attracts Sha.

Energy must flow freely to the front entrance. Equally important the three main energy centres of your home are the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen. These three together is referred to as Feng Shui trinity, and individually should be prepped to have good energy flow. Ensure the passage to these are not blocked, and lead from the front entrance in a good way.
Avoid blocking entrance of your house with trees, recycling bins, old pots, shoes
3. The front entrance should not face the upstairs stairway.
4. The front door should not have a view of the back door. The through hallway is a no-no.
5. Heavy beams in the recreational room are a burden and interfere with Chi.

6. Water is very important and its positioning is vital to improving Chi and confounding Sha.

the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen

HERE are some ways to rectify defects even if the defect is in the terrain:

If the left is too low, plant trees to raise the height. If your neighbor builds a house higher than yours, add to the height of yours so your view of the stars in not obstructed. (Clear with City Hall first though).
If the plot is triangular, placing the door on the side of the triangle rather than on the point will counter the ill-omen.
In properties which back onto a river or if the ground slopes upward from the front of a building, the entrance must be at the rear of allow Chi to gain entrance.

The Chinese also believe that a house with a front slightly lower than the back is useful in dispersing the influence of Sha. A pool of water (fishpond) is especially useful to conserve Chi. However, a large tree immediately opposite the front door is ill-omened as it d Sharp angles can be especially unlucky on an office or commercial building as these angles and straight edges drive off money, whereas curves attract money. Then again, the flat edges of buildings, which lead toward the front of your property, are fine conductors of Chi. But then again, if there is a road in front of the place, which turns at a sharp angle, this can bring about the same unhappy effect as a “secret arrow”. To counter this, a driveway leading up to a front door should always approach in a gentle sweep to help the entrance of wealth.

If you drive through a predominantly Asian neighborhood and you find an empty lot in an otherwise fully developed cul-de-sac, you now know why. Bad fortune comes along the street and hits the last house in the cul-de-sac. Who would want to live there?


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