Can I use my ATM CARD while in Jamaica?

Would I be able to use my credit card at the ATM machines in Jamaica?


Dear Thea

Would I be able to use my credit card at the ATM machines in Jamaica?

Yvonne Bailey

RESPONSE: Dear Yvonne
I can only answer in regards to Scotia, with whom I do business.
You may use a US credit card at any ATM where you see the “discovercard logo.”
You may use your local credit cards at ATMs, once you have been ‘pinned’.
NB: Not all scotiabank ATMs are dual currency and apply. So far the following in Montego Bay and Kingston as it relates to Scotiabank are:

New Kingston, Liguanea, Constant Spring Road in Kingston;
Sunset Beach Resort, Ironshore Half Moon village, Doctor’s Cave in Cave, Ritz Carlton, Holiday Inn branches in Montego Bay

You may log on to for more details.

Call me or make contact through my website if you need further assistance. Have fun either way!

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