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Meticulous in her attention to detail, kind-hearted in greeting visitors, Anthea is loyal to her clients. Her team take contracts individually but meet as one

Berger Paints offers lasting beauty, protection

Berger Paints offers a rainbow of colour, a lifetime of beauty and protection with products. Managers, on call do workshops with OAaSIS International Foundation

Listings: Jamaica art, craft and trade

Should you ever want a piece of Jamaica – art, souvenir. Several shops, artists across the island of Jah-Mek-Yah have art works by Jamaicans just for you.

International Legal Leg work ads

Feel free to download and apply any of the following advertisements about the legal legwork team serving Jamaicans abroad back home by running their errands.

Listing: Caribbean gifts and trades

Should you ever be interested in acquiring a piece of the Caribbean, several websites make items and their creators available.

Don’t forget the OAaSIS!

OAaSIS empowers youth, sensitising them through the arts. You can help to sharpen our tools in advancing Jamaica as a nation and Jamaicans in the human race.