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Editorial: Jamaica’s Government in the gully, hiding in the gaza

I live on an island and I cant swim! Writing about the decline in culture as I see it through hazy, myopic lenses is somewhat weird. I call the kettle black and I am a junk-filled pot. I feel like the accusing voices stick like sweat o the back of my neck and the loudest of all dissenters-the Alvins- screeching nauseatingly in my ear. This is a ‘squeakel’!
As I smoke my last cigarette, I hope I exhale the smoke as thoughts to Jamaicans to think about what two dancehall artistes and hordes of their fans are trying to do. They are going along the lines of PNP/JLP and we will not have it!

Holding reigns of the Jamaican Powerful culture

Choking on hot dogs is what the ad hoc, faux pas comments sound like in reference to the Driver, The Powerful being evasive, even defensive or arrogant.

ART CAREER: Art critic

The art critic is one of the most sought after persons in this creative field. For one, its always good to have someone to bounce your ideas on. On the other hand, critics sometimes reflect the views of the public or potential client.

Editorial: Jamaica Poetry in motion

Is it only at “certain times” we as Jamaicans will claim being descendants of Africans — BLACK! Technically there is no half black, But maybe some of our athletes are descendants of Kenya’s Kalenjin tribe
Whether for fun, or for money, perhaps Jamaica could develop a sport where we have races against humans.
I think we should race athletes beginning with Bolt against horses then … then cheetahs!
He’s African, HES young, flesh and BLACK!!