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Former Ontario Minister of Children and Youth is the ICHS Distinguished Lecturer for 2009

The ICHS Alumnae Association in conjunction with the Immaculate Conception High School is staging the second lecture in The ICHS Distinguished Lecture Series on Thursday December 10, 2009 at the Lisa Narcisse Centre for the Performing Arts, Immaculate Conception High School at 5:30pm

Jamaicans give HOW TO directions

The following (27) articles give practical advice on handling varied challenges from cultural to financial, when staying on Jamaican soil. They are sourced from the Caribbean’s leading newspaper, The Gleaner’s new feature, ‘How to …’, an instruction guide giving practical advice on fixing many of those pesky problems that pop up – without paying an arm and a leg. Seize on info from Jamaica’s industry experts and become a veritable Mr or Mrs Fix-it. See more…

How to… in Jamaican style

“Get practical advice from Jamaicans on varied subjects — and learn how to survive and do things… the Jamaican way..” (sourced from Anthea McGibbon’s HOW TO series in the Jamaica Gleaner)