COVID 19 WATCH: Formal Order by Jamaica PM

Constables are hereby authorised to take action if national laws on covid-19 not observed

The members of the public in Jamaica is hereby forewarned. This video is the latest by government.

Jamaica covid-19 govt update on March 16, 2020


As of Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

  • 1. All non-essential employees in the private and public sector should work from home for seven days.

    2. No public gathering of more than 20 people including for funerals and weddings

    3. Bars, nightclubs and other areas of entertainment must be closed.

    4. Markets, supermarkets, corner shops, restaurants and cookshops will remain open but must observe hygiene practices.

    5. The Jamaica Urban Transit Company will only carry seated passengers and taxis will be required to carry one fewer passenger than they are licensed to.

    6. All travellers to Jamaica from countries where there is a local spread of the virus will be required to self-quarantine for two weeks.

    7. Visitations at hospital will be restricted to a one-person visit per day per patient.


    Attorney General @MalahooForteQC says on conviction, people who disobey the orders could be fined up to $1 million or imprisoned for up to 12 months. #COVID-19


    Constables are hereby authorised to take action if the following are not observed:
    1.Non essentials workers to stay home as of March 18th, 2020
    2. Essential services such as supermarket, corner shops remain open
    3. Markets will close from 2pm
    4. Social distancing: Observe the 3 feet rule of distance
    5.Corner cook shops to remain open but
    6.All JUTC buses carry seated passengers only
    7.Only 20 persons should be facilitated at select public spaces


    In addition to the 888-ONE-LOVE (663-5683) announced recently for members of the public to contact the Ministry of Health & Wellness with COVID-19 concerns, additional numbers can now be used. These numbers are:

    876-542- 6006

    Members of the public may also make contact the Ministry via email using or

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