Dad retracts oral agreement for Jamaica land, after huge sums spent

Dad retracts oral agreement for Jamaica land, after huge sums spent

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
Hi I would like to know should it come to the case where I will
have to make it a legal matter that I have the legal grounds to do so. My issue is that my father verbally gave me a piece of his land so I can build my dream home, how ever this has seem to become a nightmare as now that I have bought the materials and wants to put my own work man to start building he refuses and insist that it’s his land and he is the only one who should be working on it. So with respect I reluctantly agree to him working out lining the house and start building it up but now the house I’m lucky if I can fit a toilet in the so called bathroom because the room is so small the whole entire structure is so tiny I don’t know what to do as he spend all my money and each work he does on to that house I have to pay him for and he refuses to let me bring my own work men who without doubt would have done a far better job. So to cut a long story short I want to known if I can sue my father for the right to build my house on the land agreed up on the way I see fit are pay me back every time that was spend on this house which he clearly has no intention of making me build as he constantly takes bvl the land when he does not get his own way.

RESPONSE: Dear Letsy
First of all, no agreement for land is ever recognised unless it takes the form of a signed document.
As long as your dads name is on the title and he’s paying the taxes.. its up to him really.

If he signed a deed of gift.. then you should let him identify the portion which is yours and ask him to allow you to treat it as your own. It may be that he is suggesting for you to wait till he dies.
Perhaps you could consider securing an attorney, so hecould write to your dad or bring the issues to court. After all you’ve spent precious time and money relying on his word.
Legal Wiz


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