Dennis Dillon, an ideal role model in changing Jamaica

A Jamaican, Rev Dennis Dillon, interestingly is founding publisher of New York Christian Times, and he does so while being impacting as a religious minister.

Its common for especially Jamaicans to be clueless about their fellow countrymen. Whats worse is that those with success through “good channels” are least glorified. Some of them remain quiet, working behind the scenes, some shying from mainstream media, while others simply escape the eyes of the public for one reason or another. More often because media persons are usually thirsty for bad news as they scramble to create sensation.


Dennis Dillon, interestingly is a publisher, the founder of New York Christian Times, and he does so while being impacting as a religious minister. The pastor more affectionately known as Rev Dillon, Reverend Dillon, Rev is JAMAICAN.
Recently, he visited Jamaica, being invited and feted by both representives of Air Jamaica and The Tourist Board. Their aim was to sensitise foreign media on a few positives, so that they will in turn cause a ripple effect through international media of hype on Jamaica.
On the other hand, Rev Dillon who was among the group makes an ideal candidate for positives about Jamaica especially overseas.
To many he is an ideal role model, and travelling around the internet, one will understand the reason this soft spoken, patient man never tires the appreciation of anyone he comes into contact with.
However its always humbling to view him through the eyes of those who know him, have contact with him, or just by paying a visit to his church with an open mind. He pastors the Brooklyn Christian Centre, to read more click here.

What makes Rev an ideal role model goes far beyond his character. As a business man he influences many to turn around and improve their economic conditions by first examining themselves. He then challenges them to find within themselves their own strengths. The Rev is a firm believer that FAITH WORKS, but encourages his followers and those who abide by his teachings to be practical. The results of a spiritual culture, which is critical to all Jamaicans.
Here’s an interesting quote by Rev Dillon. Its also interesting because although he addresses the situation in the US, it somehow bears relevance to Jamaica.
I am greatly concerned about the economic state of our affairs and how blas

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