Disclaimer of Anthea McGibbon

Anthea McGibbon herself does not conduct legal work or herbalist work – she is neither an attorney nor herbalist or doctor. More on Anthea McGibbon is found on this website.
www.AntheaMcGibbon.com is a media website that posts information for the wider public’s benefit on behalf of experts, contract research organizations, research sites and other interested parties.
The posted information is designed to educate and inform the public on basic, but critical information while empowering the average man of his rights. In most instances the posts are created after thorough research and interviews with experts, saving where events or activities are covered by the media team.
Hence there are posts with specific purpose of exposing specific events and activities which are in the best interest of the wider public to know.
It is hoped that the information provided on this site will assist Jamaicans to find quality professionals when necessary.
Members of the site’s team and network provide services in legwork, research and document preparations not requiring the services of attornies-at-law, but in most cases are reviewed by relevant experts. This is done for a fee.

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... refers to representatives of entities such as embassies, entertainment industry, creative force whose submitted work gets published on this site. Views expressed here may not necessarily represent those of the owner of this site, but are being published in the interest of the wider public. Link me here

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