Do you know contracts between visual artists and galleries?

3 types of artist-gallery contract exists:
1. Exhibition Agreement; 2. Consignment agreement; 3. Long term representation agreement

Dear Art to Heart,
Please advise me on contracts that can be drawn between a visual artist and a gallery?
Sonjah, St Elizabeth, Jamaica
Dear Sonjah of St Elizabeth, Jamaica
Basically, there are three types of contracts which an artist can enter into with a gallery.
1. Artist/Gallery Exhibition Agreement
2. Artist/Gallery consignment agreement
3. Artist/Gallery long term representation agreement
(a) Exhibition Agreement between artists and gallery, and which relates to a one-off exhibition being mounted by the gallery for the artist;

(b) Consignment Agreement between artist and gallery which sets out the essential terms on which work is consigned by the artist to the gallery; and

(c) Long-term Representative Agreement where the gallery intends to develop a long-term relationship with an artist, which will normally include exhibitions but may also include holding an artist

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