Dudus, Qadhafi, Bin Ladin regime ends? Culture too?

Dudus awaits sentencing, ‘Bin Ladin’ is dead, Qadhafi dead. Has USA proven themselves as a power to be reckoned with? Has Obama changed global crime culture?

So with Dudus awaiting sentencing, Bin Ladin supposedly dead, and now Qadhafi dead, has USA proven themselves as a power to be reckoned with? Has Obama overcome the culture of crime?

Seven months after Obama and European leaders launched a military campaign, eventually headed up by NATO, Qadhafi (Muammar Qaddafi) is dead. The campaign was aimed at preventing the Libyan leader from massacring his own people.
Qadhafi dead and regime done at THIS LINK.
Before that the Dudus saga ended with the local Jamaican don being arrested – although not as powerful as Qadhafi – but carried out intense criminal acts and gained worldwide fame thus plotting Jamaica on the negative side of global map.
It is argued that Bin Ladin was a figment of USA’s imagination, but either way, his time to wreak havoc on the world, USA first has ended.
All these are supposedly resulting from the ‘brain power’ of the great United States of America.
It’s therefore bringing an arise to the question – what does this mean for the world? Will America, being the largest debtors maintain the place as the superpower of the world.
China, at least is being considered the fastest recognisable guarantee of the next superpower, but some arguments hold that USA will remain as the owners of the most weapons, and ‘the brain’ for destroying rising criminal elements no matter how long it takes.
Fact is regardless of monies a country owns, the powr lies in miltary force. amera being ‘broke’ has proven that.

As at October 21, 2011, according to Buzzle news, the top powers of the world AT THIS LINK are;
United States of America
United Kingdom

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