Easter talks on Backyardlabrish Radio March 29

The four days of Easter are celebrated by all Jamaicans, whether it is part of their religion or not. However, the majority of the population is Christian, Baptist being the most predominant religion.

“The significance of this church in Jamaica’s history is
attested to by the fact that three of seven National Heroes
were Baptists. The Baptist church was brought to Jamaica
by American ex-slaves who, like the white Loyalists, had
settled in the island after the American War of Independence”
Encyclopedia of Jamaican History. (Olive Senior)

Join Backyardlabrish radio show as we share interesting facts about one of the most illustrious,
Rev George Liele, and other missionaries who helped former British slaves establish themselves in Free Villages after emancipation.

The Labrish is live 8:00PM Thur: 3/29/12 in the Backyard where we Celebrate, Enlighten, & reserve the rich diverse culture of: Jamaica ‘Land We Love’.

To join the ‘Labrish’ and share your Easter story 8:00PM Thur 3/29/12. Call: 718-766-4558 or Click on the link below.


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