EDITORIAL: A step to change Jamaica

Jamaicans living abroad SHOULD Pay TAXES to Jamaica, so you have a real say in where your money is going and at the same time you assist in improving Jamaica

After recently logging on to a recent forum on REAL CHANGE FOR JAMAICA on Facebook I decided to pen these lines here.
I propose more Jamaicans living in First world countries team with Jamaicans back home.
1. Help them to develop a first world mentality to achieving progress
2. Find ways to invest in practicalbe projects that are contributing to CHANGE
3. Apply business proposals and maintain some sense of motiroing over investments esp where it can earn big dollars
4. Jamaicans living abroad SHOULD Pay TAXES back to Jamaica … so you have a real say in where your money is going and at the same time you get to assist in improving Jamaica, as you never know when you may be back for good, or your family!
A world without walls — Jamaicans exist— lets team to make our presence felt postively permanently at the apex of the world

Collaboration is always key. However, one-on-one works wonders. I find we dwell too much on negatives than work with the positives. We put up hurdles without identifying and working towards the solution.
It no longer matters to me who wants to be seen or to be ‘on top’. What matters is that there is a vision to be spread, and worked through. What matters is the clear visions to a positive end that can be seen. What matters is the ones who really got it and absorb others in the warmin g light, and those who have the good sense to climb aboard to see it through – strategically even.
WHETHER we work indiviudally or together change will happen when steps are taken to make a SHARED VISION realised.
Spending too much time on who wants to be seen is an idle waste of time. EAch do their part realising the long term and greater to be had.
Matter of fact— if the shared vision is bright and clear… persons will gravitate to your group , sect or creed no matter qwhat. So those who have the vision, get going. AFTER ALL GOOD ALWAYS CLEARS THE BAD AWAY!! Just start positive already…

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