Gallery on hilltop in Montego Bay offers variety of collectable art

AHHHH! is what you’ll say after seeing the high quality art – shellcraft, paintings, children’s books, beautiful gardens, on the hill as clouds glide by you

AHHH! is what you’re sure to say, after winding your way uphill to the gallery bearing that name. It’s a trove of glowing artful treasure on the hilly border of Kempshot and Gutters, St James.
Three creative souls combine extraordinary talent to bring out the Aaahs in you.
Ian ‘Ras Natango’ Williams, is himself an artist and an artisan. His wife Tamika designs for every taste palate, and she too is a craftsperson specialising in eggshells while young Ayale, a protégé in his own right, recently completed a degree in graphic design at The Art Institute in Florida.
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2 thoughts on “Gallery on hilltop in Montego Bay offers variety of collectable art

  1. Im a american artist who specializes in painting everyday life in jamaica and use my art to help fund the cudjoes hill school in the mountains of Jamaica.
    Im looking for a Jamaican gallery to display my work but have had no luck finding one.
    Please feel free to review my work at and any suggestions you may have on how to get my art to the public will be appreciated. I feel like I can do so much more for my jamaican friends and the only thing i have to offer is my work.
    There is a link to the cudjoes hill school on my website,Im coming to jamaica the first week of nov and would love to have an exhibit with 100% of the proceeds(minus gallerycommision)going to education in jamaica.
    If you can find it in your heart to help all involved would be grateful

    barbara cruz

  2. Dear Ms Cruz,
    Thanks for commenting. Your email has been forwarded to the owners of that gallery for their kindest consideration. As for me, seperate arangements will have to be made as soon as I have a better understanding on what it is that you seek beyond gallery space.

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