Immaculate High principal writes on State of Emergency

Her mom told me that she shares a boundary wall with the police station that was set on fire (neighbours). Anika has been having panic attacks.

Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 17:22:11

Dear Alumnae All,

I know that you are all concerned about us here in Jamaica. I am giving

you an update on your beloved alma mater.

We made a small attempt today at reopening. About 100 students and 60

teachers turned up. Our two guidance counsellors had a rap session with

the students while we as teachers met for our own time of sharing. The

students were dismissed at 10:00 o’ clock then the teachers met in

departments to discuss the adjustments that will have to be made since

exams are scheduled to begin in only two weeks. Tomorrow we will have a

full day of school gently returning to our routine.

In terms of our students who have been directly affected, here are some

details. I leave it to you to edit and share with the other alumnae as

you see fit.

* We have two students in Tivoli Gardens. On Monday evening I spoke

with Monique. You can imagine the level of fear. We have not been

able to locate the other student, Stafesha.

* Anika lives in Hannah Town. Her mom told me that she shares a

boundary wall with the police station that was set on fire

(neighbours). Anika has been having panic attacks. (Please note

Jennifer, that Anika is one of the students in the care of the

Florida Chapter)

* A fair number of students live in other troubled areas and are at

greater risk than most. The rules of this state of emergency are

not at all clear. Residents of Hannah Town cannot leave their

homes. They will be shot on sight. This is what prevailed up to

last night.

* This morning we awoke to the fact that someone had been murdered

in the upscale area of Kirkland Heights. First reports were that

the police were actually in search of ‘Dudus’ Coke, entered the

wrong home and shot Keith Clarke. His daughter is a Grade 12

student in the middle of CXC exams.

* So far no student has missed a CXC exam because she was unable to

get here safely. About 10 students have sat exams from as far west

as Mt. Alvernia High in Montego Bay to as far east as Morant Bay

High in St. Thomas.

I do not want to end up depressing you too much, I just want you to be

aware that even though most students and their families are able to

begin having some semblance of normality in their lives, there is a

handful needing special support and prayer. I am well aware that we are

resuming school with a section of our school community still in despair

and unable to join us. Rest assured that we will do everything possible

to assist them once they return to us. Please do not stop praying!

Many blessings.

Sr. Angella
“Sr. Angella Harris”

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