JAMAICA CORONA WATCH: Cure available claims Chinese?

CORONA WATCH: Cure available claims Chinese?

Well, what do you know, in a recent news broadcast a cure from Cuba was said to have be found. The broadcast reported that Chinese officials claim that some thousands have been cured. This could have been influenced by the article Cuba product treating among drugs used for Covid patients in China That drug is antiviral recombinant Interferon alpha 2B (IFNrec) and already several persons from across the world have called to request Alfalfa herb. Hmmm

I would rather wait because a surf of the Net lands me to a page which reports Cuba having its first 3 coronavirus cases only four days ago.

In fact, heres an article where Cuban officials urge persons to make their own masks in its brace for the attack. READ MORE on Corona in Cuba

Heres a list of claimed herbs to cure or treat covid 19

pine needle tree leaves.. willow tree
almond leaf
ackee leaf
papaya leaf
aloe vera

Hmm again though WATER works wonders. Drink lots of it to both keep your throat moist and to send those bacteria particles straight to the gut where its broken down by stomach acids. If you get a bacteria attack, they will last in your throat for four days, if you do nothing.
Drink lots of lukewarm juices and herbal teas to build your IMMUNITY which is KEY!!!!
Gargle with solutions – saline, hydrogen perxodie, swipe your mouth even. WIPE down everything you touch inside your home, Rinse your shoes bottoms and leave them at the door to dry. As for your clothes hang them outside overnight so the virus is killed.

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