JAMAICA COVID-19 WATCH: Clear signs of covid-19 threat to take seriously

JAMAICA COVID-19 WATCH: Clear signs of covid-19 threat to take seriously

Its obvious that the clear signs of covid-19 are being ignored. It could be that the general Jamaican populace is not aware of what to look out for. It could mean that the flu has become so commonplace that it is not taken seriously despite severe warnings internationally.
Pull up! The virus lasts up to 4 days in the throat area before travelling to lungs area to cause blockage and tightening and other damage.
These clear signs top the list of symptoms so be WARNED.

Clear signs of covid-19

As priority a clear sign is fever.. any change in your body temperature that pricks yCOVID-19 threat signs include as priority:

    Sweating. If you have not been drinking excess fluids, follow your instincts.
    Dry cough persisting
    Chills and shivering
    Headache. Any kind of headache
    Aching muscles
    Sore eyes
    Loss of appetite
    Swollen lymph nodes
    General weakness

IMMEDIATE ACTIONS to kill covid-19 threat

Once you are on Jamaican soil, definitely Ensure you are bacteria free or controlled. Ensure you are virus free. Along with taking your prescribed medicine, take caution when choosing herbalists to call as much as you most cautiously use chemicals. Take these steps
1. Get any of the antiseptics and disinfectants approved or known to work such as alcohol, Jamaica rum, bleach (see more on this site). Take carew however to avoid mixing chemicals.
2. Wash hands and face very often. Every 20 minutes wherever and whenever you can. Bathe more regularly.
3. Spray or rub down areas in public space before sitting, or using
4. Wipe away outside germs before entering your home. This includes the bottom of your shoes.
5. Gargle with antiseptics such as diluted vinegar, diluted hydrogen peroxide
6. Apply air disinfectant measures around you by spraying the air around you with Lysol or approved substitutes
7. Drink lots of teas especially herbal teas free of sugar and milk, drink fresh juices from fruits, vegetables or both
8. Strengthen your immunity and cure gut bacteria. Eat ginger, tumeric in moderation as these can thin your blood. Avoid foods with yeast, and too processed when you can
9. Dont allow people to come near to you. Accept the fact that there are persons who will purposefully get near you to infect you for multiple reasons.
10. Sanitise your bed linen regularly
11. If you wear a mask to protect against droplets, sanitise reuseables and immediately throw away disposables then SANITISE yourself again

Doctors in Jamaica that were approached, explained their concerns over the high number of Jamaicans already struggling to cope with with illnesses like sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis.
Therefore the above information should come in very useful. Isolate yourself to avoid being reinfected. If you have been vaccinated for flu, consider that the influenza vaccine only protects against a very small subset of one species of virus.

Swollen lymph nodes are dangerous

Checking for a covi-19 symptoms, fever in children, adults without thermometer

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