JAMAICA COVID-19 WATCH: Formal order by March 18, 2020

JAMAICA COVID-19 WATCH: Formal order by March 18, 2020

PRESS BRIEFING on March 18, 2020:
By March 18, 2020 a formal order will be gazetted.
Attorney general has issued warning that persons can be fined 1 million for failure to corporate with rules set. Constables have been given extended power to charge persons breaching the Quarantine act.

Restaurants and cook shops can be opened but space must be maintained and no more than 20 persons must be facilitated anywhere at all:

SO FAR cases are confirmed at bull bay, Cornwall, Mandeville, Saint Ann’s Bay, UWI and are being quarantined based on the Quarantine Act. Government has ensured that packages are being distributed in areas under quarantine.

Essential workers have a legal connotation. Non-essential functions are what can be done outside of office sittings.

A formal order is to be published by March 18, 2020.

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