ANTHEA McGIBBON PHOTO: Resident Magistrate (Civil Division) Court at Sutton Street and East Street corner.

Jamaica Police above the law, NO WAY!

I wish to publish the following letter.

I openly question the lawmakers and enforcers as to whether or not the laws of Jamaica has changed as they relate to the members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.
Almost daily I visit the Parish Court at the Sutton Street. In over a year I have been targeted by a female corporal who has done nothing but spread propoganda about me which I reported. Her actions have been unprovoked and without any justification or foundation and without merit. This she intentionally did to influence members of the public to avoid me.
To my surprise in January 2021, her response was to openly threaten and assault me, by pointing her finger in my face, hurling expletives, and threatening my life along the roadside in the vicinity of the Court.
It is interesting that since January 26th, 2021, nothing but promises have happened after an official report was made to the Jamaica Constabulary Inspectorate. At least one witness gave statement confirming the series of events to the very said Inspectorate of Police. This is following a report made to the head Judge at that location.
To add injury to fury, she was confident in telling me that my reports will go nowhere.

I must therefore ask if the laws relating to the Police force sworn to protect citizens and being paid with hard earned dollars paid by the citizenry have changed.
So now I am glad the Inspectorate is acting.

Anthea McGibbon

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