Jamaican Paul Beale’s ‘True Love’ touches hearts

Jamaican Paul Beale’s ‘True Love’ touches hearts

Playwright Paul Beale authors books from his ongoing experiences in life. True Love is an adaption of his book bearing the same title.
The play, True Love leads an investigation into the bad behaviour of police officers, and to be creative in dealing with corruption in high places.
The plot develops from a sheltered teen getting pregnant for a crafty policeman and is forced to become his wife, but then she herself takes on a true love to herself. Meantime the policeman who takes her for granted really falls in obsessive love over her, but when its too late.

The student is forced to marry the policeman to protect more than one reputations, and to secure a future for herself and her child. Then she eventually comes of age and turns around to give lessons to her mother she faces about her own relationship with her pastor.

The audios does wonders for the play. It is the audios that invites the audience to extend their imagination as a great part of the two and a half hours of acting is done off screen and one is left to imagine the scene being performed by communication without visuals.
The best scenes are among the ones where the imagination is provoked to consider the visuals of what might be taking place such as when the police attempts to shoot the boyfriend.

This work of Paul Beale is a must watch preferably in person than on a take home CD. However if CD is the best you can do ensure you have surround sounds.

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