Jamaica’s ‘Miss Kitty’ dishes culture lessons to Ishawna

Jamaica’s ‘Miss Kitty’ dishes culture lessons to Ishawna

A who did tell Ishwana fi guh diss up Jamaica’s national heroine, ahem national icon.
Well she touch more than cawn and Miss Kitty, beloved by many Jamaicans neva mek fun fih address how Ishwana guh call dih Caribbean bandana dish cloth.
Serious look like she neva understand dih significance of the bandana to dih Caribbean people dem. Ishawna diss Miss Lou.
Pon top a it she go fass go seh Miss Lou wear di table cloth.

Tek time, Tek time Ms Kitty tek dih hurt fi Miss Lou and tek awn Ishawna pon di big big Reggae Sumfest International stage.

Miss Kitty neva duh nutten less than pelt out the heap a anger pon di Reggae Sumfest stage in front a dih whole world.
Di Bible did seh nutten no worse dan a woman’s scorn.
Watch Video where Miss Kitty diss Ishawna on big big Reggae Sumfest platform

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