Why on earth would minors as young as 5 year old be allowed to walk here to and from school by THEMSELVES!

Jungle Justice for rape crew members ‘begun’ Tuesday, April 17, 2019

Jungle Justice for Shante Skyers rape crew member start Tuesday, April 17, 2019.. solves what.. proves what – that people can be angry, vent guilt or anger

JUNGLE JUSTICE FOR RAPIST CREW MEMBER: Okay so they found the bag at this guy’s house and pelt him to death.. Yeah wow.. with so much sensation – no wonder after 5 days it all will be forgotten and the thirst for a new gossip line developed.
[CATCH UP: The bag in question belongs to little 7 year old Shante Sykes who was found early Tuesday, April 17, 2019, raped and murdered by a throat slit]

I still doth firmly believe humanitarian with training in psychology and principal of another Red Hills school Keisha Hayle should have been interviewed for multiple reasons. If nothing else, as a source of valid input to last in minds, and to prod some permanent action to address the culture of the police, the community, Jamaican ruralfolk, and yesss the jungle justice systemm.
I mean a host of persons need to be addressed – the community that tolerates these persons without paying attention to signs. It is being suggested that the perpetrators had molested before; now any report of this nature should have been addressed by the police within 2 hours of report.. The police could have taken one parent or simaddy wah know her and do a identity parade of all pickney house by house, till simaddy bring in wan picture. 24 hour should not apply to any report of this nature when a minor is missing. So govt needss to address that rule everyweh – or police fi use dem diskretion knowing the area.. a no di fuss inna dih country. Talk about Human rights, and consider the many rights of children too.
The people who see di pickney and nuh force ar fi come out a dih pouring rain needs a proper dress dung – if in fact as reported she did tell dem seh she ca’an stop because tell ar seh him ago tek ar weh, ar sinting to dat effect. Not to mention all who know an allow lil pickneys fi walk thru dem lonely path in rural St Andrew wheh diss so near to Kingston an weh hole heap a new face migrate into so often.
How come school teacha let out di pickney dem widdout know if dem walk alone in paths like diss, get pick up down di road or drive by.
Next ting anyboddy consider seh di body find fresh – no sign of decomposing start.. so when is likley date of throat slit no mussy Sunday late to Monday.. Media should put out how pickney seh she aggo talk,, but then village media and rumour mill was so overflowing…
Nuff said so now…
Now why these persons nevAH pour honey on him and tie him to a tree where ants nest at the root till police come gt him for example. Hanging or equivalent must be returned – but in the alternative, if guilty, this young man should be made to wear a tracker foot bangle for the rest of his life, with his name at every station even as he reconciles and ‘rehabilitates’.. but killing him solves like WHAT exactly… now they dont even have a proper profile or notes from studying this rape crew member for future reference.
Muslims commit suicide to gt 100 virgins.. so next thing he thinks e going to a virgin heaven in his warped mind.. you took him out of his misery in jungle justice.. like hello!!

So what has Jungle Justice achieved: Proof that Jamaicans can be angry, proof that persons do not know how to permanently deal with frightening situations, or could it be that persons were angry because their hands were tied.. or even some of the lynch gang vented the anger they had for themselves.. well heres my take on it.. am encouraging a different line of thought for the sake of Jamaica’s future.. Education is key!

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