Just a thought… God never leaves us

Just a thought… God never leaves us

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I know it’s been awhile, but I have a thought to share. First and foremost, I want you to remember that, “God will never leave us nor forsake us.” In most cases, it is us that have strayed away from our creator. Being that we are creations, we must live out our creator’s purpose for our lives. This in itself brings fulfillment and balance to our existence. Most of us have heard the cliché, “Let go and Let God.” Well, I have one of my own and that is, “Sometimes we have to let go of what we want, so God can give us what we need.”

The word says, “What does it profit a man, to gain the whole world and loose his own soul?” Let’s look at it a moment, we work and set out to live comfortably and for some of us that isn’t enough. So, intern we strife after vanity and extraordinary financial gain. Think about it though, does money really bring happiness, or peace of mind?

I was reflecting back just recently, on a story I wrote were an old man was giving advice to a young neighbor boy. The old man said, “What do want to be when you grow up?” The child answered and said, “I want to be rich and successful.” The old man shook his head and replied, “Son, being rich with money is not true success. Money is just leverage and makes life easier, but it does not bring about happiness, power or success. Anything that can be taken away is vanity and will never really belong too you. True power is derived from knowledge. It is the one true power that can never be taken away from you, and that my son is what will bring about true success.”

If you would, do yourself a favor. I want you to think about what your true God given purpose is, and work towards aspiring to the challenge, because only what you do for Christ will last.

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Drew L. Hinds, Jr. is a driven young man of Jamaican decent, whose inner being radiates passion and a deep level of insight. Drew operates as mentor, a songwriter, vocalist, freelance photographer, self-taught pianist. As an author he self published his debut book Don’t Spoil Your Appetite, Volume 1, Good Man For Sale ( a guide to women) ). He is also the editor, graphic designer and co-founder of Desk Ink Publishing. For his books, link up at http://www.amazon.com/Drew-L-Hinds/e/B007SP1OEG
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