A male’s trimester

Well, let’s hear it from a man…. Yes, a man can go into a depression due to pregnancy. I can personally vouch for the mood swings and mutual ailment. I want women to take into consideration that a man takes a women into his life for one of a few main reasons. These reasons may be companionship, physical / mental intimacy or in some cases a person to share the financial burden.

There are some instances were due to a woman’s pregnancy a man is forced to hold done everything. In this case, a financial strain may present itself, as well emotional dependency. There are also those women who become dependent on the man for transportation and the list goes on. Keep in mind that in this day and age most men are under a lot of stress due to the economy, to say the least. Also, men are usually not equipped with the common knowledge of communication. I am not just talking about talking, but communicating. So, women just think of an inexperienced man who over night has to deal with a new pregnant woman in his life.

It’s funny, you never know what a man is made of until they are put to the test. For some men, they become irritable throughout the duration of the pregnancy, and find reasons to disappear. Others begin to shut down and internalize their concerns, and may find an outside source to vent to. I have heard of so many men who have no coping skills to combat this life altering experience. Women rarely have a clue what a man goes though, especially if he hasn’t known the woman long and has to readjust to her pregnant side. To each his own, but be real women… you know that you ladies have some serious attitudes during pregnancy that can really deter man and beast.

My hypothesis on the issue of male pregnancy depression stems from one of three issues. First, he may have communication issues that causes him to internalize his feelings and shut down. Secondly, he may not deal well the added stress of maintaining a pregnant woman (financial & emotionally). Thirdly, he may not respond well to no longer receiving physical and emotional intimacy….  A man does not seek consulting when he begin to show signs of depression he will withdraw within himself, and some respond in other negative aspects.

In conclusion, I just want women to give the guys credit for sticking it out and being there through thick and thin, because truly, “Only the strong survive.”

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