K-Anthony heads the Top #2 on Caribbean Chart

“Heading To the Top” the new video from Gospel / inspiration singer, K-Anthony has made it to the number two spot on the “Cross Caribbean Countdown”. The video premiered two weeks ago and has been picked up by television stations across the globe. The project is one of encouragement and inspires listeners to work towards their objectives.

Former C-Sharp band member, Dwain “Wiya” Campbell undeniably complements the track. Wiya not only added his vocal prowess but he is also the producer of the record under his Barbwiya label, “This project is the quickest production I’ve ever done! It’s hard work, but fun. We did the entire song in minutes. One room, one session.”

K-Anthony mentioned he’s thrilled about the collaboration with Wiya, “His skills as a musician and good interpretation of sounds helped to shape the idea I initially had in mind. I truly wanted to break down barriers of faith and fate. Just letting people know that God is ready to lead in your everyday life.”

He clarifies why there was no mention of God on this single, being a dedicated Christian and the songs lyrical composer. “It can only be God, the book of Esther doesn’t once mention God, but we know from Mordecai’s experience who it is that controls the destinies of his people”.

The concept he says, “is about the journey of life and influenced by personal struggles, experience and determination. Truth is, you will go nowhere until you decide to move towards it”.

Directors, Pear Tree Media and Di Raw Rawtid Yute (D.R.Y.), shot “Heading to the Top” in both Canada and Jamaica. The Video is available on YouTube and VEVO. The single is obtainable via iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and all other major online stores.

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