Second place winners in board game challenge.

Monifa Goss motivates top art students of Allman Town

Monifa Goss at Allman Town Primary, lauds top visual arts students

Monday May 21st, Monifa Goss who was in 2016 first runner in the Digicel Rising Starts contest, up gave support to top performers in Visual Arts at a special ceremony the Allman Town Primary.
The ceremony which begun 8:00 am saw Monifa motivating students, as well as handing out certificates recognising the top performance of Grade Four students who are the first set of Visual Arts students since the Visual Arts curriculum was installed by the Ministry.
The top three winners in the ‘Critical Thinkers boardgame challenge’ also received awarded.

The board game challenge was specifically designed by the art teacher to exercise the critical thinking skills of the students who are being prepared for PEP. It therefore was an extension of a paper collage project suggested by the Ministry and used to reiterate lessons on Jamaica’s folk culture and landscape – which the students learnt about in both Visual Arts and Social Studies respectively. Students had to conceptualise the game to preserve Jamaica’s culture as well as educate on the landscape of the island.
Students had the task of designing a board game taking players as tourists across the island while teaching them about favourite rivers, mountains and folk stories through play.
Otherwise students who topped the entire Grade Four in foundational knowledge of Visual arts concepts will be recognised in the brief ceremony.
Monifa as a youth ambassador is the daughter of Jean Simmonds Oliver a JCDC award recipient in Visual Arts category, and stepdaughter of the famed Jamaican painter Milton George whose work is displayed in the National Gallery. Monifa, currently studying at the Edna Manley of the Visual and Performing Arts also draws very well according to her mom. She is a three time JCDC award recipient herself.

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