My son in Jamaica wets the bed, which bush can I use?

Do you have any bush grown here in Jamaica that I can use for my son who wets the bed at eleven years old?

QUESTION: Dear Bushman
My son in Jamaica wets the bed at 11 years old. I checked him out and was told he is restless, but I didnt get anything. The doctor just told me to do things to calm him down such as send him to bed earlier, give him less liquid after 5 in the evening, and to allow him to play less. Do you have any bush grown here in Jamaica that I can use to get him to stop the bedwetting?
Maria Scarlett

Maria Scarlett

Well according to herbalists from Portland, Jamaican children are usually given a blend tea from ‘guinea hen weed’ and ‘shame-o-macka’ bushes, which usually works. Give him a cup of this blended tea each morning till he stops bed-wetting.

Enuresis (say “en-yur-ee-sis”) is the medical term for bed-wetting during sleep. Bed-wetting is fairly common among children and is often just a stage in their development. Bed-wetting is more common among boys than girls.
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These recommendations are from a number of herbalists and Jamaican ‘old housewives’ experienced in the use of bushes grown in Jamaica. They are not trained in medicine, and hence it is recommended to consult with a medical doctor.

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