ONLY IN JAMAICA: Government-DUDUS mix up – What if…

What if Dudus -in his 21-year reign- had enough sense to have 21 children per year and …, raise them as a real MIDDLE-EAST style army to overtake Jamaica?

ONLY IN JAMAICA: A government can allow a ‘rising don’ to use electricity -that citizens pay for – to maintain an electrocution system around his garrison, and, then qualify and is allowed to carry out an enquiry into the ruling government (whose tenure is the period which that same ‘don’ was overthrown and extradited).
HOW COMES.. dem People’s National Party (PNP) ‘uprights’ never brought in the big leagues in their time… extradition request or not. The truth is ‘bad man ah bad man’, and if you are a crime-free-focused government.. you didnt need an extradition request to clean up your country. NOT with international laws, and human rights Act.
It seems – both ‘ruling’ political parties (The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP)

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