POETRY: Right Reason by Drew L Hinds

POETRY: Right Reason by Drew L Hinds

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Many of us have a void, maybe for someone to hold for the moment
Some need affection, so any willing soul will do
All want to be loved, but at what cost you ask
A few find true love (Eros) and more power to you
One are two may actually wait on divine intervention, and that is a blessing
All in all make sure you do it for the right reasons, things have a way of back firing
I believe honesty is the best policy, to self first of course
If your lonely and need companion, get a pet
If you need someone to clean after you, get a maid
If you need someone to baby you, stay with your parents
If you love kids around you, open a daycare
If you need money, get a job
If you’re depressed, get a life
If you’re insecure, get therapy
If you’re unsure, change directions
If you struggle with morals, find God
No matter what day or season
Make a choice, for the right reason


Author Profile

Drew L. Hinds, Jr. is a driven young man of Jamaican decent, whose inner being radiates passion and a deep level of insight. Drew operates as mentor, a songwriter, vocalist, freelance photographer, self-taught pianist. As an author he self published his debut book Don’t Spoil Your Appetite, Volume 1, Good Man For Sale ( a guide to women) ). He is also the editor, graphic designer and co-founder of Desk Ink Publishing. For his books, link up at http://www.amazon.com/Drew-L-Hinds/e/B007SP1OEG
Click here to contact Drew. ...or email me here

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