Professional Jamaicans offer scholarship for Jamaican youth

Until July 23, students seeking financial assistance with school expenses have a chance to win a scholarship through the PJFJ.

Newly-formed ‘Professional Jamaicans For Jamaica -Our Nation Our Land and Yawd’ (PJFJ), has embarked on its first thrust to effect the country positively. Until July 23, students seeking financial assistance with school expenses have a chance to win a scholarship through the PJFJ.

In the wake of the recent GSAT results, Professional Jamaicans For Jamaica (PJFJ) will award JA$40,000 scholarship prize money to students attending high schools in Jamaica. The scholarship titled Esmie L Walters scholarship is being offered her memory.
It is aimed to assist children who are not fortunate enough to have parents who can easily finance their education. In addition, the group seeks to improve the little or no scholarship opportunities available in Jamaica.

The scholarship, in memory of Ms. Esmie L. Walters, will be an essay-writing scholarship.

Ms. Esmie L. Walters was a mother of 4 children and resided in one of Jamaica’s inner-city communities. Through her struggles, coupled with the absence of the father of her children, she withstood the trials and tribulation and nurtured her children with all her love and reminded them on the importance of an education. Ms. Walters famous words regarding education, and one that we may all know, were: “Labour for Learning before you grow old, for learning is better than Silver and Gold. Silver and gold will vanish away but a good Education will never Decay”.

All four of Ms. Walters children attended and graduated from High Schools in Jamaica.

Esmie L. Walters Scholarship 2010:

Essay must be no fewer than 800 and no more than 1,600 words in length, and must be typewritten and double-spaced. Only one entry per student is allowed.

Essays will be judged on both style and content. Judges will look for writing that is clear, articulate and logically organized. Winning essays must demonstrate an outstanding grasp of the following question:

“Would you give up all your dreams, ideals and aspirations to become a multi millionaire or would you give up your multi millions to pursue your dreams and happiness?”

First Prize: $25,000 Cash Award
Second Prizes: $10,000 Cash Awards
Third Prizes: $5,000 Cash Awards


* High School Students for the 2010/2011 semester, excluding sixth form students.

* The Scholarships are awarded based on “financial need” and “scholastic ability.”

* Students who are family members and/or friends of an officer of Professional Jamaicans For Jamaica are NOT eligible.


An appeal is being made to parents and students to be honest.

Professional Jamaicans For Jamaica reserve the rights to disqualify any essay found to be in violation of the following:

1) Essays written and submitted by parents on behalf of students will be disqualified, without any notification.

2) Students are limited to one (1) essay. Please do not submit more than one request.

3) Essay should include:

a) Name of student. Proof of identification will be required for all winners, including school voucher.

b) Address of student. Proof of address required and an effort for Professional Jamaicans For Jamaica to follow-up with student’s progress in school.

c) Name of school attended by student and grade level.

d) Name and telephone number of parent(s). Parent(s) of the winning students will be contacted by an officer of Professional Jamaicans For Jamaica.

4) Do not submit an essay if you are not a student attending a high school in Jamaica. School information will be requested by an officer of Professional Jamaicans For Jamaica.

5) All essays should be sent to the following email address: PROFJAMS4JAM@YAHOO.COM

6) Ensure the “Title of the Scholarship” is noted, since there may be more scholarship offers in the future.

7) Only emailed essays with all of the required attachments, are accepted.

8) DEADLINE for the RECEIPT of essays is 11:59 PM, Friday July 23, 2010. If your essay is received after the deadline, it will not be considered.

PJFJ motto: It’s not what Jamaica can do for you, it’s what you can do for Jamaica, is a protocol with an intent.

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2 thoughts on “Professional Jamaicans offer scholarship for Jamaican youth

  1. I am desperately seeking a scholarship for my 14 year old cousin Danielle Hook. He attends Jamaica College and is in 3rd form. He is an extremely driven, self-motivated and hard-working young man who deserves all the aid I can get for him. (I am the sole bread winner in this family of 5). I would appreciate any information on your scholarship for 2012 as soon as possible. I hope I am not too late in helping him apply for it.

  2. Ms Parkinson,
    Thanks for writing in. From time to time we publish scholarships available on this site. Please stay connected. ANTHEA

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