Shall we READ?

Should I sympathize with these people and say it is because they are poor, or there is a lack of infrastructure. May Pen does have a parish library.

I have been working at a financial institution for just one year and eight months; and, to my dismay I have realized that Jamaicans do not like to read. Of course I am generalizing and maybe some research on the issue would prove me wrong (that I hope). Daily I sit at my desk and watch persons come to my office looking for the office next door to me. This is not as a result of the lack of signs to identify the different offices on the complex; but because the persons did not read the bold signs.
In addition, it greatly annoys me when some individuals come to make a deposit which just requires them to fill in their name and address on a deposit slip; even that persons find difficult to do. The common reasons given point out that they are just too lazy to write as they would laughingly say they can not read

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