Sounds of Jamaica National Song Festivals 2016

Sounds of Jamaica National Song Festivals 2016


The air was festive from start to finish forming a canopy of comfort and security as patrons are often lost in the performances of song finalists.
2016 is no exception as a speech by minister Babsy Grange where she outlined the relevance of the National Festival Contest, the contestants treated the audience to a party.
Jerry Davis aka ‘Jerry D’, kept patrons grinning as he was up to his usual antics.
Each contestant a note of Jamaica culture written adding flavour to the well designed competitions on to celebrate Jamaica’s Emancipation and Independence – be it gospel or festive.
Interestingly an entire new category of ARTS is noted ‘Entertainment Arts’ as JCDC staff toggles with the intense level of creativity expressed through Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Literary arts, Culinary Arts to Create it. Notwithstanding entertainment arts is truley about games.
Jamaicans are highly blessed and creative and during this time, the best place to be is among Jamaicans.

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