SPECIAL NEWS: Dudus Penitent? Is crime culture over?

…alleged drug lord Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke was stunned when lawmen swooped down. WHAT next for Jamaica in our efforts for better … See POINTS to ponder

Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke is finally in police custody, as reported in international media.
“Oblivious that he was being monitored by the security forces on his way into Kingston from St Ann, alleged drug lord Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke was stunned when lawmen swooped down and intercepted the vehicle transporting him on Tuesday afternoon. READ FULL ARTICLE on Dudus Penitent at capture – The Gleaner

BUT, is the crime culture over, or is it even changing?
Several questions and thoughts come to mind, which will be added to the list below over time. They re being posted to provoke thought. Nothwithstanding we aplaud the efforts of any and all powers to put an end to anything that brings negativity, creates havoc and threatens the peace of mankind, especially when it prevents one from being productive, and realising his full potentially as designed.


1. What are the long term effects of taking away weapons and in the absence of means to make the “trained gunmen” with a culture for crime to survive sustain themselves

2. If the systems, and true organisers are not even disturbed, how then will crime end, if all they will end up doing is moving in for another pawn, especially by those left destitute without work, food, no true skill, no balance in creativity, and a means of oherwise sustaining themselves

3. Some Jamaicans go to US at a tender age, and end up in drugs. They grow older in jail without no bail, get deported to Jamaica JUST BECAUSE THEM BAWN YAH! QUESTION: shouldnt Governments work out a better way considering 1. jail is for rehabilitation 2. They didnt develop criminal intent here 3. Ja needs rehabilitation system upgrade to avoid more ‘trained’ deportees strengthening the underground

4. Soo they got Christopher Michael “Dudus” Coke.. NOW what.. realistically, where is all headed.. will the real big fish and organisers be shuffled or will they return to business as usual and use another pawn to checkmate many. They are after all many “knights” in waiting who have been already trained, but now need to keep themselves and their families well fed and alive as before—OR WILL the Lords of the Jungles find qualified means for idle hands!

5. So they seize assets from Dudus especially from construction company. OUCH to the businessmen and especially the construction companies who benefitted from reasonable priced items such as sand cement stones. BUT what now, more persons feeling the crunch and when desperation kicks in WHAT NEXT? Can there be some strategy to what we do in an effort to effect change for better? POSITIVE THOUGHT and sensitivity long term results before action PLEASE!

6. The Diaspora is being vetted massaged in a collective quest to gain their assistance and say. Why not tax them, as Uncle Sam does his estranged children! That would give them more rights, especially those who shun local soil in thought word, or deed. Taxing them would give them a better sense on their purpose especially in demanding more from governments. They could influence a first world mentality, better accountability and respect. Of course, Jamaica would arn some well needed funds from the over 2 million Jamaicans abroad wanting to stay Jamaican in the truest sense.

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Dudus Penitent? Is the crime culture over?

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