SPECIAL NEWS: Jamaica’s PM declares State of Emergency

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As Jamaica remains on ease after violent outbreaks across sections of the capital Kingston, Prime Minister Bruce Golding earlier tonight spoke to the nation, just last Monday he made a ‘well anticipated’ address following his mishandling of the Manatt, Phelps and Phillips ordeal. – Dexter Communications

The Address to the Nation by Prime Minister Bruce Golding, Sunday, May 23, 2010

My fellow Jamaicans..I have spent the last several days in deep contemplation about the issues that have caused so much anxiety throughout the society including the reaction to my statement in Parliament last Tuesday and the events and circumstances that led up to it.

I have listened very carefully to the views expressed by members of the public. I have also consulted with my Cabinet and parliamentary members, the party organization and various civil society groups. I thank those who have expressed their support and have urged me to find a way to deal with these matters and to put them behind. I respect the views of those who feel that, in the circumstances, I should step aside.

I have asked God to guide me in my response and the decisions I must make. I regret the entire affair and it has been deeply painful for me, members of my family and you who have been hurt and disappointed.

In hindsight, the party should never have become involved in the way that it did and I should never have allowed it but I must accept responsibility for it and express my remorse to the nation.

The way in which this matter has been handled has raised the question of trust. Several persons and organizations have expressed their disappointment. I should not have been surprised because I had raised the bar as to what they should expect of me and what has transpired has fallen short of their expectations. And here I want to personally thank the wide cross section of persons who took the trouble to write to me, not all complimentary but all expressing the deep anguish that they experienced over what had transpired. Others have offered their prayers and to all I am deeply grateful.

I am aware that trust can only be restored by forgiveness and atonement. That will take time and I am committing myself to do everything that is humanly possible to repair the damage that has been done to that trust. In return I ask for your forgiveness.

This matter of the extradition has consumed too much of our energies and attention and has led to a virtual paralysis that must be broken.

I crave your understanding, the government has never refused

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