Terrence Harold ups OAaSIS Farenheit as patron

As a singer, musician, actor, dancer, graphic artist, writer, OAaSIS patron #2 Farenheit believes that in children being exposed to the Arts from the Heart.

Farenheit, right, a passionate about music and the arts, compliments Paul on stage. WEBSITE PHOTO

You see him often enough with Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques, and as a spokesperson he does very well in underlining the tunes and messages of “Sean Paul.” He is, however so much more than a back up singer.

Terrence “Farenheit” Harold has agreed to fill the role of second patron, and OAaSIS is thankful. As a singer, musician, actor, dancer, graphic artist, writer, he understands well about the Arts and the need for children to be exposed. As one who travels immensely, he is also passionate that music classes should be properly returned and maintained in the classroom.
At the first project held, he was one who made a remarkable impact and his indellible marks are still being spoken of. The first project, a creative workshop series titled “The critical role and impact of the Arts” was held at the Allman Town Primary School, and five other areas are slated for similar visits.

Through BRAND NEW MACHINE at Fiction, he also exposes new artists and artistes weekly. Events such as fashion shows, exhibitions are facilitated.


The multiskilled artist attended the Edna Manley College of the Visual asnd Performing Arts (EMSCVPA), at the same time as OAaSIS founder, and two have remained friends since. Formerly the Jamaica School of Art, past students of the EMSCVPA students are usually bonded in one way or another, most times by the similarities of challenges in the quest to become artists(es).
In the OAaSIS Farenheit will share his expertise on varied expressions, and relating, especially when events are being planned. All his skills are expressed with equal passion as those who know him and watch his career can testifiy.

So thank you Farenheit.. more creative power from another generation!

Barrington Watson, Jamaica’s master painter, who has produced 1st and 2nd generations of visual artist is the first patron.

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