TESTIMONIAL: Thank you Anthea McGibbon for your efficiency

TESTIMONIAL: Thank you Anthea McGibbon for your efficiency


We have returned to our hometown and just want to say thanks for the services you carried out with efficiency for my son and I.

When I first found you online, there were persons who saw a negative website about you and tried to convince me that you were a scammer. I read the website myself and was convinced otherwise.

Now that you have proved yourself, I think it is only fair that I say thank you publicly and to also say that I did not find that the website about you was truthful in its content.

I sincerely hope that the coward who tried to damage your reputation will find a better and more beneficial way to address any issues experienced with you and your services. Jamaica certainly needs more positive actions instead of trying to tear down each other, especially with fabricated, unverified information.

It was not an easy task doing what you did, and I appreciate that you spent quality time to do ample research and to find me a very good lawyer so far. That is more than I can say for lawyers, and I know many of them both in my hometown in Cologne, Germany, and in Jamaica.

Thanks again. We over here in the Diaspora need services like yours with honest persons who are willingly to work hard to see our project through till the end.

I definitely am recommending you to persons over here, and hope that my son can build on the land soon.

Once again, thanks. Valerie Simpson

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