Testing the Spirit of 2017 Jamaican Independence Celebrations

Testing the Spirit of 2017 Jamaican Independence Celebrations

One way or another, there are just some things Jamaicans do that makes us look really DUMB. This time the Government blundered and Jamaicans saw red.

I noticed at some major places during the Independence Celebrations, the decorations had the Jamaican national colours AND RED.
The designs for example at the downtown Tax and KSAC offices were not properly thought out and in my opinion cheap – just not attractive, nor elegant, nor Jamaican.

That aside the pomp and pride of the Gala event was exceptional. The Gala was professionally executed. Mih belly almost buss, and mi eyes dem full, and mih heart mih heart a swell wid pride fih sih the quality level ah pomp weh puddung.

Testing the Spirit of Jamaican Independence

Still Jamaicans saw red. The bigger question I pondered was WHY – why all this red. An otherwise brilliant, professional cultural package 2017 Jamaican Independence Celebrations.
Could be a test of the Spirit of 2017 Jamaican Independence Celebrations.


I learnt of two streams of thoughts. The first was it was nationally believed that the red was added as a non to the Rastafarian faith. Although that was unfortunate, the real reason was nerve racking.In Jamaican terms it was DUMB.
The red was officially added after the government successfully requested sponsorship from China. So apparently China donated so much money to the hosting of the birthday celebrations of Jamaica, they deserved a red stripe on the cake, the decor like everywhere.
So some took to facebook and argued against the governing JLP party about this sellout nature.
I took to facebook too to register my response. Pure anger at the thought of adding any other colour for that matter for any other reason than something relevant to Jamaicans and the country.

I even suggested that one day the Jamaican flag will have a frills on its circumference, and each circle would belong to the country with the highest bid. That is if both governments continue at this rate.

The truth is this selling of a red stripe is the result of the actions of both parties over the years. I remember that not so long ago the PNP replaced the green in the national flag with red EEEOWCH!! It was ugly and abstract from our national flag.
Even further it is being suggested in one facebook group that the green be replaced by orange.

A flag suggested for Jamaica….in an open FACEBOOK GROUP speak your mind Jamaica…

Apparently the meaning of our colours is often forgotten by both parties, or dare I say when it matters most. OUr colours however and whenever used will forever mean HARDSHIPS THERE ARE, BUT THE LAND IS GREEN AND THE SUN SHINETH.

With my own two ears I heard an emcee mention that the red was placed to recognise rastas.
No red could be placed to give a nod to the rastafarians who are still Jamaicans any more than this red stripe bought by China.Considering the significance of the national colours whither this red and its significance for the collective Jamaicans.


But lets be realistic in seeing how both governments have contributed to this demise. In the 18 years under the PNP leadership, fireworks donated by Chinese government have been the dominant attraction, so promoted at our national celebrations of our independence – our birthday from British sovereignty.


Now of course some persons took the opportunity to be political nonetheless. Chester Francis Jackson sharply pointed out that After The Government Said It Had Allotted 400-Million Dollars For The Celebrations! So, Where Did The 400-Million Dollars Go? We Are Talking National Character Here, Not The Simplistic View Of “Chinarising Our Nation”. The Chinese Have Always Been A Part Of Out Of Many One, That China, In Recent Years, Has Partnered With Us For Infrastructural Development, Is Not Only Laudable, I Welcome It! What Is Not Welcomed However, Is The JLP Administration Going Like Mendicants, To Beg For Funds To Pay For A Birthday Party, The Country Could Not Afford!!!!

I am not going deep into any financial discussion or a political debate that will open a red and green labelled can of worms. I am not encouraging rivalry, tribalising etc.
Bottomline this is just one of those times the government made a bad deal. At the risk of being considered trivial, sponsors to any event are showcased with banners, boothes and such. They are not given a stripe in the main activities.
Now strategically several speeches made are put in file 13 with the advent of a new government. Both parties beg, ahem ask for sponsorship. This form of investment too many times are realised to be one sided when its too late, and Jamaica ended up with the lesser benefit.
In the past at the gala, the fireworks were said to have been donated during the PNP tenure. Said PNPites presented speeches otherwise which explained that huge sums were spent for said fireworks for gala and New Year. Hmmm I rest that case.


I fully understand the Chinese relevance in our culture. We must be mindful that we are one people arising from many nations. How we got to be here, the struggles and challenges we overcame to continually appreciate the increasing successes and to be able to live freely under the shining sun through thick and thin reflects in our national colours.
One wonders therefore if each race added to the potpouri of Jamaican people will now single out themselves as a different nation and demand an added colour during birthday celebrations. After all it could be that our motto OUt of Many one people is about to be changed.

Are both parties unconsciously engaged a chinarising of our nation.
Nonetheless the Spirit of Celebrating Jamaica Independence withstood yet another test.

The Gala was professionally executed. Mih belly almost buss, and mi eyes dem full, and mih heart mih heart a swell wid pride fih sih the quality level ah pomp weh puddung.

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