Third World pleases at sold out spots in St Thomas and BVI

As typical Reggae Ambassadors, already igniting many, the Third World Band moved to sold-out crowds in St. Thomas and British Virgin Islands on March 26 and 27.

Celebrating 35 years at 37 this year, Third World has embarked on a rigorous schedule for 2010 that has them traveling to Spain, Belgium, Poland and Australia. As typical Reggae Ambassadors, already igniting many, the Third World Band moved to sold-out crowds in St. Thomas and British Virgin Islands on March 26 and 27.

No strangers to the Virgin Islands, the residents on their second home welcomed them with open arms. The band performed on the island four months earlier, yet fans still clamoured for tickets to the recent concerts, as much as the air waves that waited to broadcast them to their loyal fan base.

VIC RAE PHOTO: Third World Band members.

Upon their arrival on Thursday, March 25th, the group was whisked away to 105 JAMZ, where Stephen “Cat” Coore was interviewed by radio personality Ras Reg. On Saturday, March 26th, lead singer William “Bunny Rugs” Clark was guest on 105 JAMZ, interviewed by DJ Rashidi and 103.5FM, interviewed by DJ Eddie. Later that afternoon, Cat and Richard “Bassie” Daley interviewed with DJ Avalanche. The interview was simulcast on 105JAMZ and Kiss 101.3FM. During sound check, TV2 stopped by to interview the guys for the evening news. During the interviews, the guys spoke about the 35th Anniversary Tour, their upcoming album “Patriots”, who they collaborated with on the album and what could be expected from the shows.

Third World

With the media and fans onboard, it was show time. The newly opened Jumbies was the venue for the first show. The waterfront property, which was open and airy, set the tone for the night as the group took their place on stage. Opening with their single “The Spirit Lives,” a tribute to Haiti, the group proved that they still have staying power after 35 years in the business and why this monumental anniversary is cause for a celebration. Screams, cheers, round of applause and shouted sentiments fueled the energy of the band as they belted out hit singles “Reggae Ambassadors,” “Committed,” “Try Jah Love,” “Sense of Purpose,” “96 Degrees” and more. While it was hard to decipher the crowd favorites, there was no guessing that fans were having a blast.

Showing no signs of fatigue and raising the temperature to about 120 degrees in the shade, the fans were treated to a solo drum performance by drummer Tony “Ruption” Williams. His high energy, hip swinging and dread tossing rendition was thoroughly enjoyed by the female patrons. This was followed by Cat’s performance of “Cello.” The crowd watched in utter amazement and was clearly mesmerized. Thereafter, Third World wrapped up their set but was brought back on stage at the request of screaming fans.

On Saturday, March 27th the group repeated their performance, this time at the famous Foxy’s Outback located in Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands. The outdoor venue was filled with locals and tourist alike, some of who attended the previous night’s performance. With the same energy, Third World drowned patrons with the uplifting and positive lyrics of their songs. Fans sang along while dancing and celebrating the music. Prior to their performance, fans got a treat as the band members hung out at the beach with locals and tourists. Gracious host and owner of One Love Bar and Grill, Seddy, delighted in the presence of the band and welcomed the crowd that gathered.

The diversity of the crowd was a testament to the fact that Third World had crossed all color and age lines over the years. The feel good music offered fans an escape that can only be experienced through the good vibrations that the group has been dedicated to for over 35 years.

Reminiscent of the lyrics to their single “Committed,” if re-worded, it speaks of the love, admiration and respect that Third World has for music and their loyal fan base. So as they embark on this joyous occasion, they leave their fans with this: “I’ve got my life invested in you [music and fans] right now, can’t turn my back on all the things we shared, everything has its value, everything has its price, all my assets I’ll cash them in just for you [music and fans]. I am committed to keeping this love [music] alive, I am committed to staying in love with you [music and fans].”

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