Top 10 Jamaican blog sites globally on December 18, 2016

Top 10 Jamaican blog sites globally speaking

Lots of blogs are emerging on Jamaica. The following are the most popular across the globe. It doesnt mean that they arent the most popular locally, but the rating by Alexa comes after a survey on global relevance.

  1. (global rank 2,291 by alexa)
  2. (global rank 17,601 by alexa)
  3. (global rank 28,948 by alexa)
  4. (global rank 42, 374 by alexa)
  5. (global rank 54,272 by alexa)
  6. (global rank 1,050,759 by alexa)
  7. rank 137,336 by alexa)
  8. (global rank 192,302 by alexa)
  9. (global rank 210,058)
  10. (global rank 274, 562 by alexa)
  11. CVMTv (global rank 387,919 by alexa)
  12. (global rank 478,880 by alexa)
  13. (global rank 640, 093 by alexa)
  14. Fly Jamaica (global rank 674,805 by alexa)
  15. (global rank 2,753,447 by alexa)


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