US businessman, George Scott, highlights a Jamaican positive

George Scott, former headmaster and owner of Scotts Jamaican bakery in Hartford, Connecticut, highlights The Jamaican Banana Man

“Kudos to George Scott for his expression on what it means to be Jamaican. His cites the Evan Jones poem “The Song of the Banana Man” – in reflecting on the places and things of his own familiar past… as one of the first attempts by any Jamaican to use the Jamaican Creole in a way that it could have universal understanding” –

George Scott is Former headmaster and owner of Scotts Jamaican bakery in Hartford, Connecticut

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Of course another person who makes all Jamaicans proud and stirs much interest is Harry Belafonte. A singer from another generation, but his songs keep one current and connected with Jamaica. Connect to him and his songs on yout tube.

“>Day-O, Daylight Come and Mih Want Go Home (Harry sings of longing to return to his beautiful island home.)

I will live and die a Jamaican
Timing and tasty product lands George Scott a big contract

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