US visas cost more as at June 4

These increases, as at June 4, 2010, affect visa applicants from all countries in the world, and are not limited to Jamaican visa applicants

In order to cover the cost of processing visas around the world, the U.S. Department of State has been required to increase the fees associated with applying for various visa categories.
The changes will be implemented on a worldwide basis on June 4, 2010. These increases affect visa applicants from all countries in the world, and are not limited to Jamaican visa applicants.
All persons whose interviews fall on or after June 4th will be required to pay visa application fees according to the revised fee schedule. Applicants with interviews scheduled for June 4th and who have already paid according to the old fee schedule will be required to pay the difference between the new and old fees at the Consular Section Cashier immediately before their interviews in order for their cases to be processed. Applicants must bring the appropriate amount of money to make up the difference of the required fee or they will have to return for a later appointment. The additional payments should be paid in either Jamaican dollars or U.S. dollars.

The Department of State has instructed all U.S. Embassies and Consulates around the world to revise their Schedule of Fees for Consular Services for nonimmigrant visas. The new fees are established by the Department and held uniform throughout the world. The new fee schedule will introduce a multi-tiered system in which petition-based visas will cost more than non-petition based visas.

Nonimmigrant visa application processing fees (per person)

Non-petition-based visas: Fee (USD) Visitor (B1/B2) $140
Crewmember (C1/D) $140
Student visas (F1 and M1) $140
Additional amount due: USD $9.00 or JMD 810.00

Treaty Investor (E2) $390
Additional amount due: USD $259.00 or JMD 23,310.00

Petition-based visas:
Temporary skilled workers (H-1B) $150
Temporary seasonal workers (H-2B) $150
Intra-company transferees (L1) $150
Performers (O and P) $150

Additional Amount due: USD $19.00 or JMD 1,710.00

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