VIEWS: More reactions to missing green in Jamaica flag issue

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WOW… I, Anthea McGibbon, say to cartoonist LAS MAY you tormented… BAWWWDLY.. I love you to backside.. THIS is a fairer cartoon.. BIG UP Las. Your sense of humour is uncanny… D.I.P!!!!:)

INTERESTINGLY Andrew Holness.. I cant say the same as in his assessment.. the damaging of a national symbol by ruling government was not critical for mention. DUH… Pull up your socks pass politics OPPOSITION minister. You too TIGHT!

Opposition Leader Honourable Andrew Holness, leader of the Jamaica Labour Party


TO forum readers and naysayers:
The treatment of Jamaica’s national symbol YADDA shouldda deh deh… as it was an in JLP’S ASSESSMENT of 100 days.. When JLP was assessed in 100 days it wasnt considerd a question of ‘effective’? PNP was in power for 18 years, What could JLP have done in 4 years that could affect PNP …who it should almost be a continuance of heir 18 years.. REPEAT WHAT could JLP have wrongfully done in 4 years… What is going on… I blame JLP.. they didnt speak on what they found.. they acted just as confused.. SEEMS LIKE its just a matter of colour you like.. when you vote nd nuttin more…at times.. DONT forget how this started… plus GLEANER!

A reader writes: Discount hits flag!

Dear Editor,

There must be a worthwhile lesson somewhere in the extensive righteous indignation over that strange flag introduced at a formal event in Montego Bay. How no one at that official event noticed the huge error and called it to the attention of the mayor (who in any case had his back to the flag) defies rational explanation. So maybe an irrational one will do.

Having seen that the organiser has been asked to refund the cost, and how much was involved in putting on the show, I believe it is clear why a different flag was used. This was a discount operation and so the operators brought a discount flag. It was not an omission. It was a completely different flag, probably a discarded prop from some cheap Caribbean pirate movie. So the inescapable moral of the Montego Bay flag story is that one gets what one pays for.

Bruce Barnett


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